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X4 Labs

X4 Labs was given 3 stars in this review.  Do not let this designation mislead you.  The extender is medically approved, tested and backed.  it is made of the highest quality medical grade materials that ensure safety and effectiveness.  We gave it 3 stars because it has no extra bonuses.  This product was launched in recognition of the fact that penis enlargement systems are pricey.  While not a “budget” product it is targeted at customers who want an excellent traction device but do not want to spend too much money.  X4 Labs is it!

What does X4 Labs include?

  • Medically tested and approved traction device
  • 24-hour support
  • Free shipping
  • Why should you use X4 Labs?
  • Are you lacking in length?
  • Are you lacking in Girth?

Do you want to benefit from a top traction device without paying for a complete system?

Like SizeGenetics and ProExtender, X4 Labs is a traction device that attached to the penis and provides a gentle pull on the member.  This gentle pull, if applied regularly and systematically, creates spaces in the membrane, forcing the body to respond by multiplying cells in order to fill those spaces.  This process, repeated over time will have the effect of naturally and safely increasing penis length and girth.  This adaptability of the body has been used effectively in orthopedic medicine to “grow” bones and appendages.  In fact, traction devices are prescribed by doctors to penis enlargement surgery patients as a post-op treatment!

This device was developed by Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego in Madrid Spain.  It has been tested and studied to ensure safety and effectiveness.  It is made of the highest quality medical grade materials.  If you are looking for a simple traction device, X4 Labs is the one!

Penis enlargement devices usually referred to as extenders or expanders are able to enlarge the penis by stretching it which forces the body to develop new, stronger and bigger cells in the penile area.

To support the human body during this process it’s quite helpful to make use of herbal supplements such as penis enhancement/enlargement pills. Three of the reputable extender manufacturers (SizeGenetics, ProExtender, SizePro) came to the same conclusion and have partnered up with penis pills suppliers or exercise websites to offer a real all-around solution.


If you decide to purchase X4 Labs, make sure that you purchase a separate penis exercise program.  It has been well proven and documented that supplementing traction device sessions with natural penis exercises increases size gains, as well as the rate of those gains.  We recommend Penis Health, which is a great penis exercise program.  Click Here to learn more about PenisHealth.  Make sure to check out the review of the X4 Labs Gold Edition penis extender.

As with the above traction devices, we believe the quality to be very good.  We rated it third because this is a bare-bones device with no bonuses, no supporting CDs or DVDs.  The traction device is all there is.  Shipping is free and there is a 24-hour support line for this product.  At $199.00 if you are short on cash, but are looking for an excellent device to start your penis enlargement, then X4 Labs is just what you need.