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penis enlargement pump

It is unfortunate that penis enlargement is so often associated with scams and spam. Detractors do have a point. Late night infomercials reek of phony statements and exaggerated claims. Unscrupulous individuals fill email boxes with spam that irritate and clutter the mailboxes of most recipients. But it is unfair to paint the whole industry in that light.

There are legitimate products out there that have been researched and tested. Many of them have proven to do exactly what they claim in a safe and effective manner. Penis enlargement products span the gamut from pills, patches, extenders and many other methods. In this article, the most popular methods will be mentioned.

Penis Enlargement surgery

This is probably the only method that can guarantee how many inches will be gained. A surgeon will analyze the situation and tell the patient what he can expect to gain after the procedure. This method has several drawbacks though. The first one is cost. At close to 10K per surgery, it is out of reach for most men. There is also the possibility of severe side effects. Lumps, a desensitized penis, infection and an erection pointing downward are just a few of those side effects. Because of these factors penis enlargement surgery should be considered very carefully.

Penis Extenders

These devices attach to the penis and exert a gentle pull on it for extended periods of time. This pull forces the body to adapt by multiplying cells and over time, the penis grows in length and girth. It is interesting to note that this method is always prescribed to penis enlargement surgery patients as their post-op rehab. There is a reason for this! It works. This is an all natural method that has been around in some shape or form for the last few centuries. The drawback is that this method takes time. Learn more about penis extenders versus other options.

Penis Exercises

These are also all-natural and are designed to stimulate growth naturally. These exercises are easy to perform and can be done almost anywhere. The drawback for penis exercises is that they also take time to show results.

Penis Pumps

Even though these devices are sold as penis enlargers, this is not the case. At most they will help get an erection but they do not provide any long-term gains. The drawback for pumps is that they can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. They can cause serious, irreversible damage to tissue.

Patches, pills, and oils

These methods are really what gives the industry a bad name. One cannot increase the size of their penis by rubbing oil on it or taking pills. At best, these methods will cause a temporary flood of blood into the penis and thus helping to create or maintain an erection for a while. At worse you will get a rash or chemical burn on your penis. The truth is that this category of penis enlargement products is what gives the industry a bad name. They play on peoples wants for immediate results and make false claims that leave the consumer disappointed and broke!