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Vigrx Plus

Most probably you have heard about the Vigrx Plus. We have a lot of clients who have shared with us that there is no other product that enlarges the penis and improves the general sexual health like the Vigrx Plus. Honestly, we believe to our costumers but throughout a long period of time, we were trying to create something even better which would realize the bravest penis size dreams of our clients. And we succeeded! Here is the Vigrx Plus.

Vigrx Plus Ingredients

This penis enlargement product is based on the improved all-natural formula of Vigrx and contains three additional ingredients – Bioperine, Tribulus, and Damiana. Tribulus and Damiana are known for thousands of years for their libido increasing properties and the Bioperine strengthens their action and makes them work better.

It`s the little flavoring that makes our product unique and different from everything else available on the market – it increases the absorption property of the substances taken with it. You cannot find the Bioperine in the other penis enlargement product, we have the “monopoly” on this addition that multiplies the effect of the other ingredients and realizes your highest penis size aims.

Vigrx Plus Male Enhancement

The Vigrx Plus works in a simple way, relying on your natural body functions. Simply said the erection occurs when the blood rushes into your penile tissues, called corpora cavernosa. The Vigrx Plus expands these penile tissues and in that way, they could hold more blood than ever before. Learn more at


In the Vigrx penis enlargement capsules you will find Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and the following active non-chemical substances:

  • Asian Ginseng Root – 100 mg
  • Saw Palmetto Berry – 100mg
  • Hawthorn Berry – 100mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf – 100mg
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract (4:1) – 50mg
  • Catuaba Bark Extract (4:1) – 50mg
  • Cuscuta Seed Extract (4:1) – 25mg
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract (20:1) – 15mg

How does VigRx work?

The proven effective all herbal ingredient of Vigrx influence the penis erectile tissue copra cavernosa and stimulate its expanding. In that way, the blood flow into your penis increases and you will notice the enlargement both in a flaccid or erect state for a short time. Learn more about why Vigrx Plus works.

How many capsules should I be taking?

Our clients have reported that with Vigrx they achieved great improvements but however it`s not a magic wand so you should follow the instructions strictly and accurately – take the Vigrx pills twice a day before meals.

Do not exceed your daily dosage as this won`t provide any extra benefits in doing so. We could prognosticate that within 3 months you will have gains of three inches in length.

How long will it take to see and feel the results?

Throughout the first 1-4 weeks, your penis will become thicker which means that it`s gaining inches in width. Another positive effect will be the stronger, harder and lost-lasting erections. During the weeks 4-8, you will feel the lengthening of your penis in both flaccid and erectile state.

After the 9th week, you will observe the final improvements in the penis enlargement process. After the Vigrx therapy is over you will feel satisfied by your new longer and thicker penis. Not to mention the exciting sexual desire and stamina that you will experience.
Is your VigRx genuine?

We should mark that the Vigrx we are offering is the genuine one, taken from the original manufacturers. Many clients have complained that they have offered the Vigrx from a distributor but unfortunately, they received a fake and maybe harmful supplement. The genuine Vigrx is sealed twice – both outside and inside the top.

Are there any side effects in taking VigRx?

The genuine Vigrx penis enlargement product is 100% safe and does not have any side effects. But it`s not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. That`s why it is a non-prescription formula and does not have FDA approval. If you have any health concerns or diagnosticated diseases, we recommend that you should consult with your general practitioner. Check out the ingredients and if you allergic to any of them, you should not take the Vigrx product.

We have sold millions of bottles and talked with a lot of clients who are certain that Vgrx helped them achieve great penis enlargement and exciting sexual performance every time. Check out our favorable prices and remember that the good sex always worth it.

Daily Use

The Vigrx Plus penis enlargement pills will unnoticeably become part of your daily life habits because we have concentrated the necessary amount of ingredients in small, easy to swallow a pill. Just take two of them twice a day. The improvements will come sooner than you have expected.

During the first month, you will notice gains in your penis width as well as harder, stronger and long-lasting erections. The second month is more exciting -besides the increased sexual desire, the penis enlargement will become noticeable both in length and girth. After the third month when you get an erection your penis will look longer and stronger than anytime before.

The Vigrx Plus is absolutely harmless all-herbal product and has NO side effects but if you have any health concerns or diagnosticated diseases, you should consult with your general practitioner.


Vigrx is proven effective product for penis enlargement and stimulation of the sexual stamina and desire. It was made of all herbal ingredients that were used for years for strengthening the erections and enlarging the penis both in length and girth. One capsule of Vigrx contains the correct, pre-measured concentration of herbal ingredients which are necessary for the penis enlargement improvement you have ever wished for.

We do not doubt that you will be satisfied by the Vigrx Plus but in order to be accurate we give you 100% money back refund without asking you unnecessary and embarrassing questions or the customers feel happy with the best penis enlargement products.