June 17, 2019
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Jelqing 101

It has always been assumed that it was impossible for a man to make his penis longer and thicker. Throughout the years, the traditional medical community had long since promoted the notion that the natural size of a man’s penis could not be enhanced. Yet, those that ventured into the alternative realm of holistic health […]


You would be surprised at the number of men that have a slight curve or a sideways hang to the penis. There are about 400 men in about 100,000 that live with the condition called Peyronie’s Disease. This is a condition, which creates a bent or curved penis when it is erect. When the penis […]

X4 Labs

X4 Labs was given 3 stars in this review.  Do not let this designation mislead you.  The extender is medically approved, tested and backed.  it is made of the highest quality medical grade materials that ensure safety and effectiveness.  We gave it 3 stars because it has no extra bonuses.  This product was launched in […]


Of the top traction devices reviewed ProExtender received 4 stars. The high price point, lack of 24-hour support and shipping fees were the reasons it was not given a rating of 5 stars like Sizegenetics. However, the product is very well regarded and has a very big following. It is very effective and safe with a […]


Out of the all the penis extenders reviewed on this site, we gave SizeGenetics 5 stars. It is the most complete system, which includes a medically tested and approved penis extender, access to a top-notch penis exercise program, 24-hour support along with other bonuses. The price point, 24-hour support, and reputation of the company were […]