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Out of the all the penis extenders reviewed on this site, we gave SizeGenetics 5 stars. It is the most complete system, which includes a medically tested and approved penis extender, access to a top-notch penis exercise program, 24-hour support along with other bonuses. The price point, 24-hour support, and reputation of the company were the main reasons for the top rating given to SizeGenetics.

Unique Traction Device for a Longer and Thicker Penis

The SizeGenetics Traction Device is designed to give you maximum gains in length and girth. It is manufactured to the highest medical standards to ensure unquestioned safety to the user. This device was made with your success in mind! There have been countless positive reviews

What does SizeGenetics™ include?

  • 1 tension tested unique enlargement device
  • World-renowned enlargement exercise DVD
  • 2 sex improvement DVD’s
  • Penishealth™ online access
  • Lovecentria™ online access

Why should you use SizeGenetics™?

  • Do you want Extra inches to penis length & girth?
  • Do you wish you could last longer during sex?
  • Do you want to have stronger and better orgasms?
  • Do you want ‘Rock hard’ erections?
  • Do you want to correct penile curvatures by up to 70%?
  • In short, do you want to be sure that you will satisfy your partner like never before?

Enlarge your penis easily

There is a good reason why SizeGenetics is the most successful traction device on the market today. It works better than any comparable product available today. SizeGenetics™ gives you the best chance to make fast and visible gains in penis length and girth. It is exclusively found on the SizeGenetics™ Website, and nowhere else!

Don’t fall for cheap imitations. They have not been through the rigorous testing and quality assurance that SizeGenetics has. They will deliver poor results if any at all. In addition, the poor quality of these imitations can result in breakdowns that can cause severe injury to the user.

SizeGenetics is made of medical grade materials that ensure your safety and success.

Providing you superior comfort for faster gains

SizeGenetics has been engineered with your comfort in mind. The strap is made of the most comfortable material available. This will give you an advantage over using lesser quality devices. These lower quality devices have a strap that works as a noose and can prevent prolonged use.

SizeGenetics can be worn longer because of its unique comfort mechanism. This ability to wear the traction device for longer periods of time, without discomfort, will allow for more sizeable and faster gains. Remember that your progress is directly proportional to how long you wear the device.

SizeGenetics also features a unique traction control system that will allow you to apply precise control over the amount of traction that is placed on the penis. This unique control also works to minimize the discomfort allowing you to wear SizeGenetics for extended periods of time. Again, this means faster and more significant gains for the user! Learn more how SizeGenetics works.

SizeGenetics™ comes with a 6 months Money-Back Guarantee

a complete and effective penis enlargement System!
The SizeGenetics system also comes with the most effective penis exercise DVD program called Penis Health! These exercises, when used together with Sizegenetics will speed up and enhance your gains. These exercises also provide you with many extra benefits. Some of these benefits are better ejaculation control and harder and more frequent erections than ever before!

What else will you receive when you purchase SizeGenetics™?

  • 24-hour support via phone and email
  • Free spare parts
  • A travel case for safe and discreet transport
  • Free better sex eBook’s
  • Free Shipping

And for a limited time, you will also receive the number 1 sex guide- Lovecentria™. This modern-day Kama Sutra will turn you into an amazing lover. Your confidence in the bedroom will allow you to try things that you never thought possible. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised by your newfound prowess! Check out more online review here: https://erinjgz.wordpress.com


SizeGenetics is a proven and safe system that will give you the results you seek in the fastest and most effective way possible. The SizeGenetics™ system is simply the most complete and effective penis enlargement system on the market today!