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You would be surprised at the number of men that have a slight curve or a sideways hang to the penis. There are about 400 men in about 100,000 that live with the condition called Peyronie’s Disease. This is a condition, which creates a bent or curved penis when it is erect. When the penis is erect it will form a J or an U. It could have some bends that will produce a corkscrew appearance.

Doctors have argued at what exactly causes Peyronie’s Disease. One thing is very clear and that is as the condition progresses the inelastic plaque or some scar tissue will take over and replace the normal tissue of some part of the penis.

When a man gets an erection the elastic tissue expands normally which produces a straight or somewhat straight erection. But because of the damaged tissue which is not at all elastic anymore or even stretches, the tissue will be hard and will not move as other parts of the penis get bigger.

The end result is a curved or bent penis. As most men know when a penis is bent or curved the length of the penis becomes shorter.

Cause of Peyronie’s Disease

This can happen due to many circumstances, which include injury, inflammation or some sort of trauma to an erect penis. Trauma would include forcing the penis to bend when it is erect. Peyronie’s Disease can even begin when attempts at treating ED (erectile dysfunction) through treatment via injections.

Doctors also believe that other medical issues can bring about Peyronie’s. Such conditions would include high blood pressure, diabetes, hardening of the arteries or some type of very rare genetic disorder. But right now the medical belief is that this disease is caused by trauma, which can be attributed to abnormal healing.

There are treatments available but it is very crucial for every man to understand that each case is very different and what may work for some may not work for all. In the case of some men, a very logical choice would be surgery.

Peyronie’s Surgery

Many doctors tell Peyronie’s sufferers to wait a year or so before performing surgery. In this time, it would be very important to try alternative treatments before what doctors’ call a last resort is made. Look up some of these surgeries online but be aware that some of the pictures are graphic.

Though it does happen in some cases, that men with Peyronie’s improve without any course of treatment. The healing can take up to a year or maybe two. Then the scar tissue can even disappear. But about 40 percent of men don’t see any change within the year or two and another 40 percent see a decline in their condition.

If surgery is what you are doing then there is one procedure called Nesbit. This surgery ends with a penis shortening of about 1 to 2 inches. The other scar tissue is removed and replaced with grafted tissue.

But the downside of something like this is men can experience a complete and total loss of erectile function. That is why alternative treatments are more highly recommended that surgery.

Presently, one of the most popular documents and most successful treatment other than surgery has been penis extenders. In conjunction with a Vitamin E regimen and a traction device, you can start to see even the slightest results in a matter of months.

How Penis Tractions Works

Traction is a highly successful course of treatment that works by gently adding pressure to the penis to prevent the hardening of the scar tissue.  This will help build the penises straight as an arrow. The best thing about these devices is that they can be worn under clothes and no one will ever know that you are wearing one.

This device has to be worn for months in order to get the maximum benefit according to http://pommettmark.doomby.com

The traction device was created by a Swedish Doctor named Jorn Ege Siana. It is used in actual hospitals and clinics around the United States and Europe. Post penis surgery patients use it to help guarantee proper healing. Doctors also offer traction as an alternative method to surgery.

Benefits of Penis Extender Traction

The benefits of traction are that there are no side effects and it is relatively low cost compared to surgery and these devices are made from state of the art materials. There is zero risk and no trauma involved according to http://kirkbird12.edublogs.org

There are a lot of men who add Vitamin E to the traction concept and in studies conducts in the 1940’s and 50’s; it is proven that Vitamin E is effective against the curvature of the penis.

Another supplement that works well with traction is Potaba or Potassium Aminobenzoate, this supplement has shown some benefits but it can be a little expensive and the therapy can include taking 24 pills a day for up to 6 months.

There are other medications that are available by prescription only for Peyronie’s. If you are considering any one of these, consult your doctor first.