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Jelqing 101

It has always been assumed that it was impossible for a man to make his penis longer and thicker. Throughout the years, the traditional medical community had long since promoted the notion that the natural size of a man’s penis could not be enhanced. Yet, those that ventured into the alternative realm of holistic health discovered that it is possible to enlarge the penis.

As a result, men that have always wished they could gain a thicker penis can now feel confident that it is possible to achieve their goals. The key to success is finding the right method that delivers on such expectations.

There are two methods that men seek to employ. Penis pills would be one method and a penis enlarger device would be another. Both of these methods share certain similarities but there are also pronounced differences between them as well. Understanding how each method approaches the process of enlarging and thickening the penis can lead men towards making the decision which method would be the better option for them.

Penis Pills

A method on how to get a bigger penis which doesn`t require much effort is safe, effective and easy to use and you definitely won`t hurt yourself doing is penis enlargement pills. Male enhancement pills are currently the popular choice because of its convenience and effectiveness. They not only promise an increase in penis size, but they also assure an improvement in overall sexual performance that the other methods don`t offer.

Penis pills, essentially, force blood into the chambers of the penis. When a penis becomes erect, it does so because its chambers become engorged with blood. The proprietary blend found in high-quality penis pills forces a significant amount of blood to the chambers with the intension of enlarging the chambers. If the chambers are enlarged, the penis can hold more blood. Learn more at

This can lead to the penis becoming more thicker provided the use of the pill supplements is continued over a period of time. Unfortunately, the results of permanent penis thickness and lengthening are somewhat inconclusive. Many prefer penis pills as a supplementary process designed to support a more effective strategy such as using a penis extender.

Penis Extender

So, what does a penis extender do? As the name implies, it is a device that can enhance size. It is not a gimmick oriented product. It is one based on the physiology of the human body and how it responds to certain stimuli.

Penis enlargement devices are based on the concept of traction induced cellular division. How is this achieved? The penis fits into a device which slightly stretches the penis. The penis will be held in a stretched state for a specified amount of time. The way the penis responds to such continuous tension is by dividing its cells to relieve the pressure. This means the penis will become longer and thicker as a result. Learn more at

This is not a result that will occur overnight. Those that use a penis extender will have to wear it regularly for several months. However, such tension over this timeframe can lead to permanent increases in length and thickness. Penis pills may not be able to make such a claim.

For those seeking permanent penis lengthening and thickening, the penis extender would be the much better device to employ. It can yield greater results than what penis pills offer although the pills can make a fine supplement to support using a penis extender.

Such a two-pronged approach may very well thicken the penis.


The first type of penis exercise is jelqing. Jelqing is a form of milking the penis to increase the amount of blood flow to the penis allowing it to appear larger. If this is performed regularly, it is expected that your penis will grow larger in length and girth size.

Another exercise is penis stretching wherein you literally stretch your penis allowing the cells to grow leading to an increase also in the length and girth size of your penis. The downside of these exercises is that caution has to be taken when performing them. Any small mistake and you might cause pain or damage to your penis.


Another method on how to get a bigger penis is through penis enlargement surgery. Surgery is costly and risky and doesn`t do justice to your penis size. Basically, with this method, you won`t get the results you are after.