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Within the last ten years, numerous strides have been made in the field of male enhancement. Thought to be just a myth in the nineties, penis enlargement has come to the forefront of not just worldwide interest, but medical as well.

In fact, this interest led to extensive research and testing that has led to the positive results now seen on a daily basis. Of course, there are several knockoffs to the name brands, as well as other techniques to enhance the libido like jelqing and penis pumps.

These are frowned upon however for the extensive nerve damage it can cause. In addition, decreased sensitivity is common using these methods. For these and various other reasons, doctors recommend enhancement in pill form.

How Do Penis Pills Work?

The first thing penis pills do is widen the three chambers in the penis. This is done so increased blood flow is present. Blood flow is absolutely everything to the lengthening of a penis. With more blood in the penis, the shaft and tip become bigger, thus creating the desired adding of length.

Penis pills widen the chambers of the libido but sending nutrients the body craves. Because the circulatory system feeds off of these nutrients, more blood is sent, and thus an increase in penis size is apparent. This is not the same thing as maintaining an erection. A big misconception is that pills only made erections harder. The right penis pills do much more than that and add length.

Natural Ingredients Boost Testosterone

Penis pills are also effective by mixing natural ingredients to boost testosterone. Testosterone is like a car engine inside a male. Obviously, this is fantastic for stamina purposes, but testosterone also runs rampant within a male penis.
If more testosterone is generated, you guessed it, the larger penis you will get. Some penis pills do nothing but stimulate increased levels of testosterone for this very reason.

At the end of the day, penis pills work most effectively with a healthy diet. As mentioned above, blood flow is key to adding length, and this can be done much faster if your blood is clean and your arteries are clear. It is really up to the user how quickly they want to see positive results.

What conclusions can be drawn from penis enlargement research?

To be upfront, there is plenty to be learned. For the sake of discovering valid results, a look at the leading male enhancement product worldwide VigRx Plus is in order. VigRx Plus has sold thousands of pills all over the country and overseas.

They have a high recommendation in the respected Men’s Health Customer Journal and allow refunds to those that are not satisfied with their product. Because of these attributes, they are a good starting point to find out some relevant facts in the libido enhancement field. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com

Research on male enhancement didn’t become prominent to doctors and physicians until about ten years ago. The demand from guys skyrocketed, and because interest was so high, budgets and funding were put into finding out as much as possible. The first conclusion that is probably more interesting to men is that some penis pills do in fact work.

Doctor Approved

Doctors agree that a common trait in these pills working is the addition of natural ingredients mixing with testosterone. Testosterone is vital to male stamina but also helps produce rapid blood flow to the penis. Penis pills that use these natural extracts are far more effective according to research because it speeds up metabolism rates and ensures a clear artery path for fast blood flow. VigRx Plus, for example, uses Bioperine which is very effective.

Another conclusion that can be drawn from enhancement research is that results can be achieved quickly when using pills while maintaining a healthy diet. VigRx Plus can generate a longer penis in as little as weeks.

This is remarkable in comparison to the past when male enhancement took months. A healthy diet helps in the way you’d expect, by clearing arteries and making sure blood flow to the penis is at an all-time high.

Penis enlargement research by physicians has also discovered that the penile tissue can, in fact, be widened in an effective matter.


Other enlargement techniques like jelqing and penis pumps cause nerve damage and decreased sensitivity, but natural extract libido pills soften the tissue of the penis allowing it to stretch, much like pouring water inside a balloon.